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Why we exist?


Teaching process has stayed the same for decades.

The traditional teaching and offline education system are plagued with multiple inefficiencies.


Our vision at Examimo is to reimagine and evolve the way teaching and learning have been happening for decades. By combining quality teachers, engaging content and superior technology we are able to create a superior learning experience for students and aid in their outcome improvement, which is unlike any offline experience of exam.


Teaching and learning of exams are set to transform at a rapid pace and our mission at Examimo is to accelerate these transformations.

What is Examimo ?

Examimo is an online platform for competitive Exam.

• This is where we provide sharp knowledge.

• We prepare you for every competitive exams.

• We solve your every queries


Aim of Examimo

1. To create an Unique Education System.

2. To upgrade student’s knowledge in every possible ways.

3. Not only help students pass exam but also provide them most current knowledge.

4. To make them habituated for their future exams too.

5. To provide students complete satisfaction of Knowledge

Benefits of Examimo

• Cheapest of all other educational sites.

• 100% success rate.

• Get knowledge by experienced teachers.

• Daily practice tests.

• Similar questions to your competitive exam.

• Topic wise questions from every subjects.


24/7 Availability

Affordable for everyone

We think about every aspect of education

Exam is fun now not a burden anymore

Accessible from any part of the globe

Connect from multiple devices





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